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The Benedictine Monastery and Abbey in Tyniec

30-398 Kraków

The Benedictine Monastery and Abbey in Tyniec is an extremely charming facility, situated on a limestone rock, right next to the Vistula River bank. According to the local tradition, the abbey in Tyniec near Kraków was founded in 1044, and the building was probably funded by Casimir I the Restorer. Currently, it still performs religious functions, although at the same time part of it is open to the public. Particular attention is drawn here primarily to the beautiful courtyard, as well as the wooden gazebo, which protects the well, almost 40 m deep. A sacred attraction is the Church of St. Peter and Paul, which was rebuilt in the mid-twentieth century. There is also a shop with Benedictine products, where you can buy not only specially prepared medicinal herbal mixtures, but also wine or beer signed by the Benedictines. When leaving this place, it is worth going down the hill and walking along the Vistula River, towards the flood embankments, where you can see the limestone wall of the slope, where the monastery complex and the oldest elements of the walls are located.

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