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The Felicja Curyłowa farm in Zalipie


The Felicja Curyłowa farm in Zalipie is a unique facility, which is an example of the tradition of painting houses and their interiors with original plant patterns cultivated in this area of Powiśle Dąbrowski. This building is the former home of Felicja Curyłowa, the famous painter and promoter of this original folk art. This ornamentation was probably created at the end of the 18th century and was associated with the disappearance of smoke huts. Women painted stains on the smoke-stained walls with lime to brighten up and beautify the interiors of their houses. Buildings painted by Felicja Curyłowa in her own homestead became an ethnographic attraction massively visited by tourists during her lifetime. After the artist's death, they became the property of „Cepelia”, which in 1978 handed them over to the District Museum in Tarnów (now they are a branch of the Ethnographic Museum). In 1981, the so-called a poor cottage from a different part of the village, and the whole creates an open-air museum of architecture and folk art available to tourists

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