The village of Nová Sedlica is the easternmost village in Slovakia. It spreads in the Bukovské vrchy below the main Carpathian ridge. Its cadastre is bordered on the north by the Slovak-Polish state border and on the east by the Slovak-Ukrainian state border. Both connect at the elevation of Kremenec (1221 m above sea level), the easternmost point of our republic. It borders the village of Zboj from the south and west. It is an ordinary stream village in the Uličská valley on the upper course of the Zbojský stream. The center of the village is located at an altitude of 421 m. The area of the cadastre is 3302 ha, of which the area of agricultural land is 901 ha, the area of forests is 2325 ha, water areas occupy 19 ha and other areas 57 ha. The cadastre also includes ŠPR STUŽICA in an area of 761.49 ha with primeval forest communities / mostly beech with the original fir and mountain maple /. It is also a locality of zoogeographically important animal species with the occurrence of several East Carpathian endemics.


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