Pľaša (Płasza) (1,162.8 m above sea level) is a hill in the Bukovské Hills, at the same time in the Poloniny National Park. The Slovak-Polish state border crosses it. It is located on the Slovak-Polish border ridge, between the Kurników Beskid (1,037.0 m above sea level) hills in the northwest and Ďurkovec (1,188.7 m above sea level) in the southeast. On the Slovak side, it belongs to the Pľaša National Nature Reserve, declared in 1967 on an area of 110.80 ha with the highest 5th degree of protection [2], which is part of the Poloniny National Park, while on the Polish side it falls into the fields. Ciśniańsko-Wetlińskiego Parku Krajobrazowego.


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