The Strążyska Valley


The Strążyska Valley, located near Zakopane, is one of the Tatra valleys that is easily accessible to tourists of all age groups. You can get to its outlet with your own transport and park in one of the car parks or use public transport. The valley is about 4 km² in size and 3 km long, and is made of sedimentary rocks. It is covered with forests, but on both of its steep slopes you can see numerous rocky crags. The Strążyski Potok flows along the trail. During the walk, you can see the 600 m north face of Giewont. At the northern entrance to the valley there is a boulder called the Sphinx, as well as wooden benches and a tea room where you can order drinks and traditional highlander meals. Going a bit further (about 15 minutes), it is worth reaching the Siklawica Waterfall.


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