The Museum of Milling and Village


The Museum of Milling and Village in Ustrzyki Dolne is a private institution, established in 2010 in the building of the former mill from 1905, which, after many modifications, operated until 2007. On the ground floor there is a restaurant and a room for exhibitions, workshops and closed events. The mill itself has 1,100 m2, four floors and is entirely devoted to the museum, which is the only museum in Poland that allows you to learn about the history of milling with a fully equipped production line for cleaning and grinding grain. The permanent exhibition includes „steam and electricity” machines from the 19th century. The exhibits are a unique example of technical progress related to the history of the village on a European scale. Outside, you can see the devices used to cultivate the land used on farms in the 19th and 20th centuries. The restaurant serves regional meals, and during the workshops you can bake proziaki, cabbage soup or buckwheat rolls yourself.


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60 min