Tarnica is the highest mountain of the Polish Bieszczady (1346 m above sea level), distinguished by two peaks, separated by a saddle, hence its name (the Romanian word „tarnita” means saddle), belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains. On a narrow peak, lined with rock scrap heap, surrounded by a fence, there is an iron cross, 8.5 m high. Tarnica is also known as the „Mountain of Three Crosses” – to commemorate the pontificate of John Paul II (Bieszczady lover), three crosses were erected on the top. The first two were carried on their shoulders in secret from the authorities of the time: the first in 1979 – a one-meter cross consisting of two pipes, the second in 1987 – a metal cross (7.5 m), placed in the place of the first, which, however, was destroyed by a storm, and also the third one in 2000 – iron (8.5 m). From the top there are wonderful views of the Polish and Ukrainian part of the Bieszczady Mountains. In good weather, you can see the Tatra Mountains, Ukrainian Gorgany and even Romanian Rodniańskie Mountains. Tourist routes from Ustrzyki Górne and Wołosaty lead to Tarnica.


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