The Solina Lagoon


The Solina Lagoon is the largest artificial water reservoir in Poland, created on the San River near the village of Solina, after the construction of a hydropower dam and flooding in 1964 the villages of Solina, Horodek, Sokole, Chrewt, Teleśnica Sanna and a large part of Wołkowyja. The facility was commissioned in 1968. The resulting reservoir, also known as the Soliński Lake, has an area of about 22 km², the largest capacity in Poland (472 million m³), 166 km of coastline, varied depth (from 25 m to 60 m) and exceptionally large water level fluctuations (from day to day this difference can be as much as 15 m). There is a hydroelectric power plant below the dam. The surroundings of Lake Solina is a paradise for tourists. This is also achieved by numerous holiday and recreation centers and the possibility of sailing or windsurfing. In the waters of this lagoon, there is a variety of fish species, including zander and perch.


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