The Krynicki Rope Park


The Krynicki Rope Park is located at the foot of Jaworzyna Krynicka in the Czarny Potok Valley, behind the Hotel „Czarny Potok”. Among the branches of trees, 9 rope routes with 115 obstacles at different heights and of varying degrees of difficulty were hung: from the route for 3-year-olds to extreme routes for adult daredevils. You can ride a go-kart placed on ropes at a height of 4 m, walk with a pole on a rope or take a zip-line over a stream. The main attraction is the pendulum jump over the cliff from a height of 17 m. There is also a climbing wall with 3 entry routes, including one extremely difficult and demanding. Safety is ensured by safety harnesses and trained instructors. The park is an ideal place for organizing outdoor family events, corporate and team-building trips, as well as picnics.


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60 min