The ,,Rachelowskie Góry”


The ,,Rachelowskie Góry” nature and tourist path is situated in the village of Kamionka Wielka, situated in the valley of the Kamionka, Królówka and Wolanki rivers, on the border of the Sądecki Beskids and the western part of the Niski Beskids, at the Tarnów-Krynica railway line. The landscape of the village is shaped by the low ranges of the Rachelowskie Mountains with peaks: Palenica (665 m above sea level) and Rychelowa Góra (589 m above sea level), cut by many valleys and stream beds, which constitute the unique landscape and natural values of these areas. A 7 km long nature and tourist path „Rachelowskie Góry” leads through the village, with 8 thematic boards promoting historical and natural knowledge. The path with numerous viewpoints allows you to get to know the rich flora and fauna found in forest habitats and picturesque meadows. You can see monumental specimens of beeches, oaks, limes and ash trees, as well as rare varieties of birds, insects, amphibians, butterflies and larger animals. It is a great place for hiking and cycling.


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