The Icon Gallery in Cisna


The Icon Gallery in Cisna is the Bieszczadzka Pracownia Veraikon and the Gallery, which have been run by Jadwiga Denisiuk for 30 years. The artist writes icons (icons are not painted) in accordance with the canon and medieval technique adopted in the Orthodox religion, approved by the Second Council of Nicaea, consisting in the use of yolk tempera, which is obtained by mixing dry pigment with water and egg yolk. It is required to use hard wood and a well-primed canvas, thanks to which it is possible to make reliefs, gilding and other background decorations. In the gallery you can find icons: Ruthenian – ascetic, Balkan – joyful, Greek and contemporary. Jadwiga Denisiuk's favorite icon is the miraculous 17th-century icon of the Mother of God from Łopienka. Pope Francis and the Polish church in Irkutsk in Siberia also have icons from Cisna. The works are presented at exhibitions in Poland and abroad, e.g. in France. Icon writing workshops are also held in the gallery.


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