St. Kinga`s Stone


St. Kinga, also known as the chair of St. Kinga, a monument of inanimate nature, and more precisely a group of rock outcrops made of Magura sandstone, located near the Skałka summit (1163 m) in the Radziejowa Range, near the Przehyba peak (1175 m). This rather peculiar rock is surrounded by a dense spruce forest on the northern slope of the mountain. The shape of the sand stone resembles a chair, next to which there are rock outcrops of various sizes. St. Kinga is located exactly in a straight line between Stary Sącz and the castle in Pieniny. The spring that flows from under the stone was associated as a pulsating heart in which Kinga was washing her eyes and feet. To this day, the local population believes in the healing effects of water (especially in eye diseases).


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