Giewont is a mountain massif in the Western Tatras, rising at an altitude of 1894 m above sea level. and 2.7 km long. Its main peak, Wielki Giewont, is usually considered the highest peak of the Western Tatras, located entirely in Poland. It towers over Zakopane and is perfectly visible from there. The Giewont Massif is located in the northern ridge of Kopa Kondracka, between the Bystra Valley, the Kondratowa Valley, the Mała Łąka Valley and the Strążyska Valley, and it consists of three parts: Wielki Giewont (1894 m), Mały Giewont (1739 m) and Długi Giewont (1868 m). On the Wielki Giewont there is an iron cross, 15 m high, both attracting crowds of tourists and pilgrims, and being a particularly dangerous object in the event of a storm. The shape of the summit from the north (Zakopane) resembles a „sleeping knight”  according to legends, the knights of king Bolesław the Brave sleep under the Tatra Mountains, ready to wake up as soon as Poland is in danger. For many Poles, Giewont is a symbol of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane.


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