Zagroda Maziarska in Łoś


Zagroda Maziarska in Łoś is a small open-air museum, constituting a compact, closed complex of buildings, located near the Greek Catholic church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the only museum in the world that presents the history of the oil industry and activities related to the distribution of petroleum products. The ethnography of the Lemkos' life is presented in a very interesting way  what they did on a daily basis, what their lifestyle, what they ate, how they lived and how they dressed. In the homestead, there is a cottage, called a cottage, a granary and a farm building. Among the exhibits, original Masovian wagons are particularly interesting. The buildings in Łoś are different from the traditional Lemko villages, as comfortable residential houses and separate farm buildings were erected here. The facility also hosts various exhibitions, meetings and outdoor festivals, and the August event, the so-called „Maziarzy Festival”.


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90 min
Culture , Nature