General Józef Bem's Mausoleum in Tarnów


General Józef Bem's Mausoleum in Tarnów is a tomb located in the Strzelecki Park in Tarnów, erected in 1927 in the middle of a park pond, according to a design by Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz (burial in the Catholic cemetery was not possible due to Bem's conversion to Islam). The rectangular sarcophagus stands on six Corinthian columns, surrounded by spheres referring to the general's main weapon, artillery, and the chains connecting them are made of melted cannons. On the walls of the sarcophagus there are inscriptions: in Polish - Józef Bem, in Hungarian – Bem Apó, and Magyar szabadságharc legnagyobb hadvezére 1848-1849 (Father Bem, the greatest leader of Hungary's freedom struggle 1848-1849), in Arabic – Ferik Murad Pasza and dates – 1794 (birth), 1850 (death) and 1929 (return of the body to the country). The exhumation in Aleppo, Syria from the original burial site was carried out in 1929, and the coffin, before reaching Tarnów, was displayed to the public at the National Museum in Budapest and then at Wawel in Krakow.


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