The market square in Nowy Targ


The market square in Nowy Targ is a characteristic place, occupying an area of 1.5 ha, and at the same time representative of the city where fairs have been held for many centuries. Originally it had wooden buildings, but as a result of a great fire in the 18th century, it was replaced with brick tenement houses. In its central point there is a 19th-century, two-story classicistic town hall, crowned with a clock tower, which houses the Podhale Museum. Looking north, you can see the baroque helmet of the historic church of St. Catherine – the patroness of the city. The market square in Nowy Targ is decorated with nineteenth-century tenement houses, located in the northern frontage of the square. The predominant type here is a two-story townhouse with a three-axis elevation. It is worth paying attention to the tenement house at No. 9, originally belonging to the Herz family. The facade of this house is decorated with the order of rusticated pilasters. The tenement house at No. 10 looks similar, and the neighboring building catches the eye with a beautifully wrought balcony.


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