The Town Hall in Tarnów


The Town Hall in Tarnów is one of the most characteristic landmarks of the city, being its main symbol. The town hall, dating from the fourteenth century, was first the seat of the city council and the court of the vogt and jurors, and from 1931 it houses the Museum in Tarnów. The original building was most likely wooden and in the Gothic style, and after many reconstructions carried out in the following years, mainly in the 16th century thanks to the Grand Hetman of the Crown Jan Amor Tarnowski, it acquired Renaissance features, becoming an example of mannerist architecture. The body of the building is crowned with a brick, unplastered attic with characteristic blendes, and the attic's ridge is decorated with stone pinnacles and 14 mascarons. Tarnów town hall is located on the Renaissance Trail in Lesser Poland and is one of the most beautiful buildings of this type in the country.


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