Rynek w Tarnowie


The Market Square in Tarnów is located in the center of the Old Town. It was laid out when the city was founded in 1330, in accordance with the principles of medieval town planning. Currently, the buildings on the square are usually two-story tenement houses, presenting various stylish features of architecture. There are, for example, the House of Saint Florian (18th century), Kamienica Rosowska (16th century), Kamienica Nikielsonowska (18th century) and the Tenement House of Ratajewicz (16th century). In the northern frontage, tenement houses No. 20 and 21, occupied by the District Museum in Tarnów, stand out, and in the western frontage there is a passage, built at the beginning of the 20th century, extending up to Kazimierz Wielki Square. Tarnów's Old Town, called the pearl of the Polish Renaissance, is one of the most beautiful examples of the Renaissance architectural layout of Polish cities. The market square remained the representative space of the city. In the town hall and tenement houses on the market square there are, among others, a museum, tourist information center, cultural center, hotel, restaurants and shops. Every day, at 12.00, the sound of the Tarnów bugle-call, composed by Stanisław Rzepecki, is heard from the town hall tower.


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