Tarnów's „Dół zboczyńców”


Tarnów's „Dół złoczyńców” is an unusual object located under the northern wall of the town hall in Tarnów. It was discovered during renovation works in 1997 and 2010 – it was a cylindrical stone well sunk into the ground up to 3 m, with a diameter of about 2 m. This structure was originally interpreted as a cistern well, but as a result of archaeological research and drilling in the bottom of the explored interior, this thesis excluded. It was found that the more probable and credible interpretation is the classification of this facility as a municipal prison, the so-called „The pit of bad guys”. During the exploration of the interior of the „villains' pit”, many objects were found, mainly fragments of clay vessels, which have been reconstructed and are now on display in the Tarnów town hall.


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