The gravity slide on Gubałówka


The gravity slide on Gubałówka is an unusual tourist attraction, which was established in 1994, is maintained by the State Cable Railways, and operates from spring to late autumn. The slide is 750 m long, and the height difference is 45 m. A trip by a 2-person stroller along a contoured track with numerous turns (serpentine) provides an amazing and unforgettable experience. The trolleys are equipped with a hand brake, with which we can stop the trolley at any time, as well as a centrifugal brake that brakes automatically when we accelerate above 20 km/h. The serpentine route can be traveled on wheelchairs with a speed of up to 23 km/h, while admiring the beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. After the ride, the stroller is attached to a lift specially adapted for this purpose and taken upstairs.


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40 min