Podhale Museum in Nowy Targ


Podhale Museum Czesław Pajerski in Nowy Targ is located in the building of the former Nowy Targ town hall, and its patron is Czesław Pajerski – the organizer and custodian of the institution. The facility was built after World War II, and the proposal for its creation was announced by Czesław Pajerski in 1959 at a meeting of monuments keepers of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Wieliczka. The collection of the exhibits took another 7 years and led to the opening of the first exhibition in November 1966. The first seat of the institution was in the building at 1 Szaflarska Street, and in 1972 the collection was moved to the buildings at 2 Sobieskiego Street and 7 Rynek. From 1994 to the present day, the museum is located in the former town hall at Rynek 1. Currently, the museum collections include exhibitions related to the history of Nowy Targ and the crafts (furriery, weaving, cooperage, woodcarving, shoemaking, hat-making, carpentry, blacksmithing and printing). The facility also has collections of art (painting, sculpture, ceramics) by such artists as Michał Rekucki, Edward Sutor, Jan Reczkowski or Anna Dobrzańska, a rich collection of folk art, and since 2011 an exhibition on John Paul II's connections with Nowy Targ.


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