The Church of All Saints in Łososina Górna


The Church of All Saints in Łososina Górna is a historic Roman Catholic church from the 18th century. It was built in 1778 on the basis of earlier sacred buildings (including a church from the 15th century) and has been rebuilt and renovated many times since then. It is a wooden church with a square tower, a polygonal chancel and two side chapels. The main entrance is under the tower. The baroque main altar dates back to 1873, and it houses the 18th-century painting of the Mother of God with the Child, covered with the painting All Saints Adoring the Holy Trinity. Above is also a small image of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Both the walls and the ceiling of the church are covered with figural and ornamental polychrome, made in 1882. In the church tower there is a historic bell named „Saint Andrew”, cast in 1520.


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