Church of st. Mary Magdalene in Kasina Wielka


Church of st. Mary Magdalene in Kasina Wielka was erected in 1624. It is a wooden, single-nave building with a carcass roof, covered with shingle, and a single-ridge, gable roof. In the middle of the temple there is a small tower – the so-called signature. The main tower, covered with traditional shingles, is topped with a Baroque onion-shaped cupola with a lantern. The interior of the church is decorated with Baroque and late Baroque polychrome, which gives the temple an ornamental and figural character. In the main altar there are wooden figures of St. Mary Magdalene and the apostles: Peter and Paul. The church has two side altars. On the rood beam there is a crucifix and baroque figures of the Mother of God and St. John. The Way of the Cross from 1888 is painted on canvas, and the paintings are framed in wooden frames. Under the tower there is a valuable polychrome and statues of Dominican saints. The choir houses an organ from 1835, made by Marcin Pracz Pcimski. A very valuable relic is also the painting on the ceiling boards just behind the choir, which depicts the Dominican saints.


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