The open-air museum on Jędrzejówka in Laskowa


The open-air museum on Jędrzejówka in Laskowa is a private ethnographic collection, created by Barbara and Krzysztof Jędrzejek in Laskowa, a town located in the picturesque valley of the Łososina river in the Beskid Wyspowy. The owners are consistently expanding their collections by transferring more, characteristic for the vicinity of Laskowa, objects of 19th-century rural wooden architecture and enriching them with new exhibits presenting Lakhiv material culture. The open-air exhibition is intended by the owners to create a complex of functionally related historic buildings, reflecting the culture and history of the inhabitants of Laskowa and the surrounding area. Currently, the collections are presented in eight objects, supplemented with small architecture, such as wooden chapels, a roadside stone chapel from the 19th century, an apiary with a collection of beehives or a reconstruction of a beehive in a huge oak trunk.


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