The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation in Pasier


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation in Pasierbiec is connected with the Marian cult on Pasierbiecka Góra, which refers to the graces of the famous painting, founded in 1822 by Jan Matras. He was a soldier in the Austrian army who, miraculously saved by Mary at the Battle of Rastatt in 1793, made a solemn vow in which he pledged to build a chapel in which she would be venerated. This facility quickly became the center of the religious life of the local inhabitants, and as a result of the spreading of the cult of the image, pilgrimages began to attract more and more distant places. Currently, the center of the sanctuary is the brick church of Our Lady of Consolation towering over the surrounding area. Nearby, there are also Marian Paths and the characteristic Way of the Cross, leading to the top of the nearby hill where Golgotha is located.


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