The Limanowa Cross on the City Mountain


The Limanowa Cross on the City Mountain was erected in memory of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity, as a result of which it is also called the Millennium Cross. Due to the height of the elevation – 716 m above sea level, it is visible from many sides and towers over the town. It is a steel monument with an openwork structure. The whole structure is 37 m from the base, the arm span is 13 m, and the weight reaches 321 tons. There is a viewing platform on the pedestal under the cross, from where you can admire the panorama of the Beskid Wyspowy, Beskid Sądecki, Gorce, and in favorable weather even the Tatra Mountains. Under the platform there is a chapel with a copy of the Miraculous Pieta Limanowska, where religious celebrations are held. A clock built into the structure strikes the hours and then plays Marian songs. The road to this cross leads through the forest, where the Stations of the Cross were built.


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