The Regional Museum of the Limanowa Region


The Regional Museum of the Limanowa Region is located in the premises of the Mars House, dating from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and was established in 1970, on the initiative of a large group of people associated with PTTK. The Limanowa branch of the Society administered the facility until 1986, when it was taken over by the community. Currently, the museum has exhibitions: ethnographic, presenting the tradition and culture of the Limanowa Lachy, Lachy Lądeckie, Zagórzany and Łąckie (white) Highlanders, and historical and artistic exhibits, including exhibits related to the history of Limanowa and the region (including the original royal privileges and location documents from the 16th century) until the 18th century). The artistic part includes works by, among others Maksymilian Brożek, Kazimierz Kopczyński and Antoni Bieszczad. During many years of operation, the museum has gathered around 26,000 historical, ethnographic, artistic and photographic exhibits, and at the same time has its own scientific library and archival collections.


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