Park of miniatures – the Center for Ecumenical Cul


Park of miniatures – the Center for Ecumenical Culture in Myczkowce is located in the Caritas center and was created on the initiative of Fr. Bogusław Janik. On an area of almost 1 ha, there are 140 models of Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches as well as Roman Catholic churches. These are temples recreated in 1:25 scale, both those that still exist today and those that we won't see live anymore. In the central point of the park there is a statue of John Paul II, which towers over 10 hills, divided thematically into the following sectors: Pogórzanie, Lemkos, Zamieszańcy, Lemkos, Slovak Lemkos, Grupa Polsko-Ruska, Dolinianie, Mixed area, Boykos and Ukrainian Boykos. The surroundings and vegetation around the church is an attempt at a miniature representation of the actual landscape.


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