The ethnographic path „From grain to bread”


The ethnographic path „From grain to bread” in Myczkowce was created as part of the project "Traditions and crafts hidden in wood – Polish-Slovak ethnographic path”. The open-air exhibition, made as part of workshops for children and teenagers, presents the entire cycle of bread making with the help of sculptures: starting from planting and cultivating grain in the fields, through harvesting and processing, and ending with baking and feasting. Therefore, you can see 10 sculptures: 1. A peasant working a land; 2. A farmer sowing grain; 3. Cutting grain with a scythe; 4. Woman receiving grain, child making the rose; 5. Threshing grain with flails; 6. Harvest Festival; 7. Grinding the grain; 8. Bread dough mixing; 9. Baking bread; 10. A joint feast.


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40 min