The market square in Nowy Sącz


The market square in Nowy Sącz is the central square of the town, the history of which dates back to 1292, when the city was founded, and also  what is worth emphasizing  the second largest in Małopolska (160 x 120 m, about 20,000 m2). It has a chessboard layout with adjoining streets and buildings such as tenement houses and churches. In its central part there is the town hall, whose eclectic style attracts the attention of tourists, and next to it there is a fountain and a statue of John Paul II. One of the most characteristic streets, south of the market square, is Jagiellońska, which is part of the old Hungarian route. It is the most characteristic promenade in the city, with dense buildings in the eclectic, Art Nouveau and modernist styles, and where today there are numerous cafes, ice cream parlors, restaurants and souvenir shops. There are parks and recreational areas on the Dunajec and Kamienica rivers in the vicinity of the market square.


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