The Bieszczady Bicycle Trolleys


The Bieszczady Bicycle Trolleys is an extraordinary tourist attraction, situated in the town of Uherce Mineralne and at the same time one of the largest bicycle trolleys rental in Europe. As line 108, it was established in 1872 by order of the Austrian Empire, originally connecting the First Hungarian-Galician Iron Railway with the railway line No. 96. The draisine is a light, 4-person platform driven by two „railway cyclists”, which are tourists themselves. It is a great idea for spending time actively and looking at the landscape values of the Bieszczady Mountains from the position of the tracks and trolleys, as the routes, 8.5 to 14 km long, lead through charming nooks, going to Olszanica, Jankowice and Stefkowa.


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60 min