The synagogue in Lesko


The synagogue in Lesko is the most picturesque synagogue of the Jewish community in Podkarpacie, a place of the remains of Jewish culture. It was built in the 16th century on the site of the old synagogue, but during World War II it was completely devastated and only from the 1960s it began to undergo gradual renovation. It owes its beauty to an intriguing, unusual shape with a wavy facade and a round tower. The tower, situated on the side of the city, used to be an observation point, and the dungeons were used as a Jewish prison. At the western wall there is a „women's gallery", where women could watch the men's prayer room, to which they were not allowed, through special windows. On the external façade there are tablets of Moses with commandments and the sentence: „What a fear this place fills! Nothing else here but the house of God and the gate of heaven”. Currently, the building of the former synagogue houses the Art Gallery of Bieszczady artists, and in the annex the Museum of the Jews of Galicia.


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