The Mineral Water Pump Room in Szczawnica


The Mineral Water Pump Room in Szczawnica is located in the eastern part of Dietla Square, in a stylish „Dom nad Zdrojami”, built by Józef Stefan Szalay in 1863. In 2002, the building was destroyed by a fire and the Pump Room was moved to another location. The reconstruction of the building in its historical location was undertaken by the Mańkowski family and in 2008 it was reopened. Currently, there is a beautiful stylish pump room of six mineral waters, and the Mineral Water Pump Room Gallery on the first floor. The local natural healing waters include, among others „Stefan”, „Józefina”, „Waleria”, „Józef”, „Magdalena”, „Jan”, „Szymon”, „Wanada”, „Pitoniakówka”, „Helena”, which are helpful in the treatment of many diseases.


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