Krościenko nad Dunajcem


Krościenko nad Dunajcem is a beautiful and picturesque town, situated on the old trade route from Sącz to the Nowotarska Valley. The servant settlement of the Pieniny Castle probably existed here at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. Today's Krościenko, due to the landscape conditions, is very popular among tourists, as a result of which it is full of guesthouses, holiday homes and private accommodation waiting for guests. The market square in Krościenko nad Dunajcem is a central square with dimensions of about 120 x 70 m, located south of the provincial road. There are a number of monuments entered in the register of the National Heritage Institute, including gothic church. All Saints from the 14th century. A town hall stood in the middle of the square since the Middle Ages, and in the 1840s a new brick building was erected next to the old building. In the central point there is also a well stylized as a monument. There are horse-drawn carriages for tourists, and in winter numerous sleigh rides are organized, combined with a bonfire and lamb roasting.


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Culture , Nature , Settlement