The Bible Garden in Myczkowce


The Bible Garden in Myczkowce was founded in 2010 and is still diversified. The project was made at the Department of Ornamental Plants – Faculty of Horticulture, University of Agriculture in Krakow, and is a specific record of biblical theology, embellished with the vegetation of the Middle East. The garden covers an area of 80 ares, and the tour takes place along a 230 m long promenade. It presents selected biblical events, arranged chronologically as described in individual books of the Holy Bible, including a well-thought-out and structured catechesis on the biblical history of salvation. Individual scenes from the New and Old Testaments are designed in the form of plants and in the form of architectural models. The most interesting elements of this garden are: the Menorah, the Olive Garden and the Temple of Jerusalem.


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60 min