The Inanimate Nature Reserve Fossilized City


The Inanimate Nature Reserve „Fossilized City”, located about 700 m south of the center of Ciężkowice, is the largest natural attraction of the Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park, recognized as a nature monument in 1931. It enjoys the unflagging interest of families with children, school trips, as well as people who like spending time in the bosom of nature. This picturesque, but at the same time mysterious place that attracts tourists all year round, has long functioned in the minds of the local population as an area inhabited by evil forces. While walking around the reserve, you can see fantastically shaped rocks with names that, according to legends, reflect human and animal figures, linking their formation with extraordinary events. Following the blue trail, you can see various rock forms of sandstone, a rich world of insects and birds, as well as (often protected) plants.


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120 min